The Date.

Key and his friend Jelson make short, short films, usually based on Key's poems. But this one is about a date where the guy drinks the wrong amount to get to his optimum level at playing pool. There are more curiosities here.

Dir. J Van Tulleken.

The One and Only Herb McGwyer Plays Wallis Island.

Key and Tom Basden went somewhere in Wales with James Griffiths and a small crew and made a short film in the end. It's quite long for a short film but also quite good for a short film.

Dir. James Griffiths.


Key got dunked in a water tank for Masterslut, a stage show that also had a screen. Steve Jameson racked up a scuba license in order to be allowed to dunk himself down with Key and get the shots. This bit is Key hunting down a Ruddles. Steve Jameson also made Next Goal Wins which is, to be scrupulously fair to Steve Jameson, ideal.

Dir. Steve Jamison.

Key Running

Just Key running.

Dir. J Van Tulleken.


Cowards is/are Key, Tom Basden, Stafan Golaszewski and Lloyd Woolf. They rattled about in tiny rooms in Edinburgh and London when the lads were young and hot. In the end they made three episodes of Cowards for the BBC. Then it got cancelled and they all went for a curry. Some of it remains on the Internet though...

Dir. Steve Bendelack.

Interviewing Bo.

Key met Bo Burnham in Edinburgh and then had to interview him. Not a problem. Key loves Bo.