Show Archive

Here are some of the shows. Key will sometimes dredge up more for this archive.


Single white slut

This was a show in about 2015. It was about failed romances and Anne Hathaway. There was an amazing lady called Kerrie in it. She hid in a bed and, when the time was right, she would emerge, dance beautifully and disappear back beneath the sheets. Fair play to Kerrie, she made that show.




This show was in 2009. It was about God knows what, but was full of poetry and some thoughts on thorny areas such as cookery and trying not to touch the floor. There were also some beautiful short films in it directed by Key's long term collaborator, Jelson.



Father Slutmas

This is a basic Christmas show dripping in Kronenberg and encompassing poetry, thoughts about the nativity and Yule and some chaos. On balance, it's probably the best poster. This show sometimes gets wheeled out in December in various guises.