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the incomplete tim key

"Key locates the spot where poetry, comedy and art intersect, picnics there pleasurably, then takes a crap on it." (Adam Buxton)

Instructions, Guidelines, Tutelage, Suggestions, Other Suggestions, and Examples Etc: An Attempted Book by Tim Key (And Descriptions/Conversations/A Piece About A Moth)

"Key has the soul of a master poet trapped inside the body of a drunken tramp. With every turn of the page a new adventure into the weird and wonderful world of this abstract genius begins." (Time Out)


25 Poems, 3 Recipes and 32 Other Suggestions. (An Inventory)

No reviews for this one. And also it costs £47.15 on Amazon, so try to forget about this one.

1 Album (weirdly)


Tim Key. With A String Quartet. On A Boat.

'The poet who isn't' can divide opinion but beneath his oddities lies pure genius" (Chris Mandle, NME.)